What the soul is doing to the body through the mind

An Aberration it is this way of life my case supervisor told me to
Join ABLE: the Association for Better Living and Education International
Action phrases married to affinities form the hypotenuse of the
Affinity-Reality-Communication (ARC) triangle my CS taught me

An analytical mind and an antisocial personality brought me here
To the AO: the Advanced Organization
Apparency & Assessment & Auditing
& The gentle wrath of the auditor’s higher-ups

Beingness Book One The AO The case gains The charge

The Citizens Commission on Human Rights
has suspended its programme until further notice
The Claims Verification Board is now open to facilitate refund requests
Cleared cleansed controlled counter-efforted
The Data Series points to deterministic irrational fears and psychosomatic illnesses
Most accurately described as a Dramatization of a Dwindling spiral of the essential
Dynamics: the eight urges drives or impulses of life
Otherwise known as the Exteriorization Gradient of Genetic Entities

Do you have Havingness

The Knowledge-Responsibility-Control (KRC) triangle
Has mostly to do with the world of Listing and Nulling
& mental image pictures of MEST
A word coined from the initial letters of matter energy space and time
The component parts (elements) of the physical universe

A missed withhold prevented the objective being met
& the low scores on the Oxford Capacity Analysis scale
Resulted in an emergency session of the Organizing Board
Of the no-longer secret Office of Special Affairs

The reactive mind of the Qualifications Division
Enforces the reality of that which appears to be Restimulation
Denied to all but the most exalted

The Religious Technology Center was somewhat rundown
& the Sea Organization turned into a self-determined
Service facsimile of the Saint Hill Special Briefing Course

Suppressive persons rarely are stable terminals
Standard memory banks theta depositories
Time tracks & training routines & the whole track
To unmock is to become nothing disappear cease