Change in Plans: Because we had a snow day last Wednesday, we will be meeting next Wednesday, March 6, for a mandatory 2 hour class from 1:35 to 3:35.

I decided to shift the Al-Mutanabbi St. reading to the Common Hour on Thursday, March 7, from 1:00-1:50 on the 2nd floor. Your participation is required (in effect, this is the third hour of our weekly seminar).

All of this will be discussed in class this afternoon....


As the progenitor of the new species
I was caught in the middle. 

Anyway, enough drivel.
Here's the science:

What matters is quantity.
A single-blind study is good enough.

Everyone was agreeable at first,
But soon dissent reigned supreme.

After 6 hours of orders given
& supervised (more or less)

The results were heartening,

So I see no need to publish my final data.

A War You Cannot Win

It's something that you cannot learn from books

You cannot possibly be misunderstood
The thing you think you cannot do cannot be done
If you do not think about your future you cannot have one

Deal with it

You cannot conquer what you will not confront
Kiss the hand you cannot bite
The book you cannot afford to ignore

What in the world is going on?

You cannot surge trust
To a dainty new note, which if you cannot hit
There's another tune which doth as well fit

You cannot possibly be ignorant, that the inveterate 
foes of freedom (in this city) have for a long time past, 
been indefatigable in sowing the seeds of discord 
throughout this province

You cannot unsneeze a sneeze
You cannot manage what you cannot measure

You cannot shoot a poem
You cannot count smoke
Burn what you cannot steal

You cannot shoot a poem
You cannot count smoke
Burn what you cannot steal

You cannot shoot a poem
You cannot count smoke
Burn what you cannot steal

Fights you cannot win, yeah, true
You cannot shake that shimmie shimmie here

Who says you can't? You do. See what it costs.
Who says you can't? You do. See what it costs.
You cannot sedate all the things you hate
Trust where you cannot trace
Sing what you cannot say

You cannot miss this flight
It’s something you cannot help liking

Attendance is voluntary
But you cannot keep away

You cannot live as I have lived and not end up like this
Why put ketchup in a bottle when you cannot open the cap?

The American in me, you cannot imagine the fights we have

Paradox: You cannot be for the Learning Organisation 
Unless you are also against it
The drawstring of indestructible joy

At the end of the 18th century, you cannot do
what they did in the middle of the 17th

Come, brothers, you have grown so big you cannot afford to quarrel

It is not true simply because you cannot believe it
Management educators: 'You cannot blame us - We were not there!'
You can't tell us you cannot buy our love

Rev. King said " You and I know that these are serious 
Bewildering times in which we live. 
But don't you lose your way, 
And don’t ever let it get so dark 
That you cannot see a star." 
You cannot dream things lovelier.

Recruiting & retention: you cannot leave them to change

To See What You Cannot See

It is not true simply because you cannot believe it

Links to KCS Hybrid Poetics

Below are links to some of my art/writing/poetry hybrid projects.
If the links don’t work, please send me a message at

This piece was commissioned for a program at the University of Maryland Baltimore County, “Anarchy in the Kitchen”. The mayonnaise was particularly disgusting.

These poems were performed on the set of the BBC studio in Washington, DC.
This book-length conceptual poem is included in’s “Publishing the Unpublishable series.

4. Trailer for "The Truth of Poetry"
This was initially a trailer for an imaginary film, but then I made a suite of short  videos based on the premise.

5. "The Truth of Poetry: Abbreviated"
      (password: poetry)
Like most of my video work, this was done in one long take.

6. "The Truth of Poetry: Mockingpencil, Part 1"
      (password: TOPNYC)
This piece is essentially a love-letter to lower Manhattan.

Making the Grade

Mr. William Blake
What the hell is this? 
Did you paint these "poems"? 
What do you have against typography? 
Good luck printing this "poetry" on your own. 
Tiger, tiger, whatever.  

Mr. Walt Whitman
We are very sorry but we see that your new book
Leaves of Grass was self-published, 
so we can’t really put much value on it. Also, the lines are much too long
to be considered real poetry. Regrets.

Miss Emily Dickinson
You have shown reckless disregard 
of your destiny as an official poet
by not finding publication opportunities. 
Your poetry must be unpublishable. 
Do yourself a favor and stop writing poetry. 
Enjoy your snug life in Amherst. 
I hear the winters are cold and unlovely.

Mr. Enoch Soames,
We simply loved your poetry manuscript.
It is quite unlike anything we have ever seen.
We are proud to announce to you today
that Fungoids will be featured in our fall list.
Congratulations on this august publication.

Refusal Pushes

Open Hand Abode
Banned Ape Hood

Debit Parade
Deadbeat Rip
Breaded Pita
Debated Pair
Braided Tape

Debonair Making
Moaning Carbide
Admiring Beacon
Aerobic Damning
America Bonding
Dominican Barge
Minoan Birdcage
Macedonian Brig
Imagined Carbon
Iambic Androgen
Minicar Bondage
Cinema Boarding
Nomadic Bearing

Basic Omnibus Jets
Subsonic Time Jabs

Jumbo Bad Inertia

Bestial Targets
Stagier Battles
Balsa Tiger Test
Teargas Bet List

Ornament Ballast
Nasal Lab Torment

Primeval Honey Bears
Beers Proven Amiably
Vampire Boy Enablers
Baby Oilman Preserve
Very Inseparable Mob
Polymer Raven Babies
Payable November Sir

Pious Penis Handbags
Abased Sunning Hippo
Bishop Sauna Pending
Said Bonus Happening

Cabaret Scratch Art
Cataract Car Berths

Snug Airbase Stoner
Your Saddlebag Runs
Sudsy Arable Ground
Sugar Soundly Bared
Rags Abused Roundly
Rude Sonar Ladybugs
Your Absurd Dangles
Bluegrass Yard Undo

 Unbound Patriot Panty
Roundabout Panty Pint

Apt Beehive Suit

Global Poesy Calamity
Asocial Polygamy Belt

Secret Leg Radarscope
Teargas Colder Creeps

Encapsulated Lunacy Fest
Faculty Tunnel Escapades
Saucepans Lately Defunct
Unpleasant Accused Lefty
Neatly Unclasped Faucets
Peacefully Canned Status
Nascent Teacupful Delays

Accepted Littleness
Entitled Spectacles

Accessible Pleasures
Classical Beeper Uses

Sacrosanct Secrecy Music
Narcotics Creamy Success

Paella Accidents
Lactic Esplanade
Dialectal Pecans
Pallid Cetaceans
Escalated Can Lip
Antacid Eel Clasp     

Compacted Ramming Toe
Practice Dogma Moment
Taco Grommet Pandemic
Dogmatic Pacer Moment
Magic Coma Deportment

Hopeless Academic
Impeached Solaces
Cosmic Peels Ahead
Salami Speech Code
Alas Comedic Sheep

Cicada Detergent
Deer Tag Accident

Perineum Ape Cataracts
Recapture Panacea Mist
Mascara Peanut Receipt

A Decency Serum
My Secure Dance
Rescue Me Candy

Cancel Us Caging

Lucid Daytime Stucco
Somatic Cuddly Cutie

Ceased Hiring
Each Ringside
Garnished Ice
Each Dire Sign

Decorated Walking Youth
Educated Hooky Trawling
Deadlock Angry Whiteout
Hackneyed Tidal Outgrow
Elucidate Workday Thong
Tiny Adulthood Wreckage
Waddling Hoecake Tryout   
Young Artichoke Twaddle
Download Gratuity Cheek
Adoringly Tweaked Touch
Weekday Throat Clouding

Ecstatic Face Fouls
Classic Auto Effect

Timid Day Critique

Ivy Torn Scorecard
Covert Dairy Scorn
Stay Concord River

Infamous Ace Warrior

Allusive Tea Cozy

County Social Cues
Auto Cycle Cousins

Daydream Initiating
Radiant Aiming Deity
Yardman Initiate Dig
Intimidated Gay Rain
Midair Dainty Eating

Data View Pit
Vapid tea wit

Decaf Scat Dud

Taxi Queue Anecdote
Inadequate Exec Out

Salad Hive Equity
Quiet daily shave

Meek Biased Intruder

Admirable Reserve
Emerald Braveries
Servile Beer Drama
Bedlam Air Reserve

Miles Divide Absence
Veiled Dense Iambics
Deniable Vice Missed
Mescaline Vibes Died
Vile Cinema Bedsides

Airlifted Modernity
Mortared Infidelity
My Dirtier Defoliant
Timidly Inert Fedora
Often Tidily Married

Derogatory Minutes
Rudimentary Stooge
Tearoom Restudying
Agreed Rusty Motion
Moderate Irony Tugs
Your Ideogram Tents
Your Migrated Stone
Your Totem Readings
Steadying True Room
Money Grade Tourist
Nutmeg Roadie Story

Honestly Aced Out
Holy Acetone Dust
They Outsold Acne
Coy Athlete Sound
Eyelash Dot Count
Least Touchy Done

Radiantly Above
Alert Avian Body
Bloated Air Navy

Altered Traitor
Fatal Diet Terror
Florrid Tea Treat

Strangulated Dear
Tarantulas Dredge
Red Rutted Lasagna
Salad Grater Tuned
Large Dead Truants

Deviants Wait You

Undreamt Sun Void
Damn Devout Ruins
Rain Unmoved Dust

Near Diffidence Effect

Plain Avatar Coffeepot
Vacation Appeal Effort

Dead Fancy Fail
Final Decaf Day

Taffeta Trivia Tedium

Annual Fateful Egg

Heaved Flag First
Saved Fear Flight
Half Fast Diverge

Gagged Tear Boy
Badge Gate Orgy

Ageless Feverish Signs

Clean Fission Sumo
Minus Focal Noises
Manic Loonies Fuss
Mosaic Self Unions
Casino Fossil Menu
Scum Onion Falsies
Famine Sonic Souls
Insane Music Fools
Mafiosi Clone Suns

Airy Splendor
Pylon Raiders
Rosily Pander
Drapery Lions
Rapidly Snore
Drain Leprosy
Ordains Reply
Randy Spoiler
Lady Prisoner
Ornery Plaids
Parody Liners
Yonder Spiral
Orderly Pains
Derisory Plan
Raindrops Lye

Military Parading
Irradiating Amply
Dry Tip Marginalia
Mild Agrarian Pity
Dingy Malaria Trip
Tiny Madrigal Pair
Giant Lapidary Rim
Dairyman Pita Girl
Imaginary Dirt Pal
Impart Again Drily
Aridly Grim PiƱata

Leg Vice Barbarity
Caviar Liberty Beg
Rabbit Vicar Elegy
Terrace Baby Vigil
Cat Bilge Breviary
Bare Gerbil Cavity
Cereal Gravity Bib

Leopard Linens
Ordinal Spleen
Dollar Pennies
Snarled Pen Oil
Dear Neon Pills
On Leper Island
Dorsal Line Pen

Recalculate Legend
Agenda Lecture Cell
Late Cancelled Urge
Cute Recalled Angel
Cleared Tangle Clue
Caged Cellular Teen
Legal Dance Lecture
Dull Elegance Trace
Rectangle Deal Clue
Alleged Cereal Cunt
Cruel Elated Glance
Rectal Gleaned Clue

Evangelical Roil
Cavalier Leg Loin
Arena Cello Vigil
Collage Rain Evil
Village Lace Iron
Violin Age Recall
Live Gorilla Acne
Ocean Alive Grill
Regain Lilac Love
Airline Veal Clog
Linear Veal Logic

Lab Justice Sled
Ideal Club Jests
Jade Bus Cellist
Adjust Ice bells
Lad Blest Juices
All Beds Justice

Savageries Little Outing
Guarantees Toilet Vigils
Tailgaters Give Outlines
Teargas Television Guilt
Alligator Vignette Issue
Legislative Eating Tours
Integrative Goalie Sluts
Negotiate Vestigial Slur

Evangelical Drip Funnel
Placid Vernal Unfeeling

Unlined Salesgirl
Sullied Learnings
Laundries Sell Gin
Regal Sled Insulin
Alien Drug Illness

Alienating Trip Noon
Rational Toe Pinning

Admiralties Ghostlier
Alliterated Irish Smog
Gladiator Sheer Limits
Tell Diagram Histories
Armadillo Tiger Heists
Railroad Gimlet Thesis
Tireless Diorama Light
Elite Girlish Matadors
Magisterial Dire Sloth
Mild Regalia Theorists
Horrid Tailgate Smiles
Aerialist Girdle Moths
Older Rightist Malaise
Alligator Dishes Merit

Radical Tile Suit
Suicidal Ear Tilt
Satiric Adult Lie
Tidal Rail Cuties
Ritual Sail Edict

Fantasies Form You
Infamous Fear Toys
Arouse Yon Mastiff
Easy Format Fusion

Mafia Rag Citizen
Amazing Fair Cite

Ambassadors Tiniest Tux
Barmaids Statues Toxins
Tamarind Oasis Subtexts
Dramatists Anxious Best
Traumatises Its Sandbox
Buxom Satanist Disaster

Gracious Image Bum
Magic Gismo Bureau

Abject Impious Rot
Baptism Juice Root
Patriotic Job Muse
Camp Bootie Jurist
Poetic Atrium Jobs
Major Biscuit Poet

Birding Nameplates
Plain Abridgements
Bespangled Martini
Breadline Stamping
Tapering Mandibles
Lipreading Batsmen

Amicable Soreness
Seasonable Crimes
Oasis Resemblance
Nameless Aerobics

Diabetic Email Soul
Iambic Idea Sellout
Adieu Cobalt Simile
Bad Societal Milieu
Liable Acute Idioms
Tedious Camel Alibi
Malicious Ideal Bet

Alarming Macabre Teen
Narrating Became Lame

Calm Lute Pure
Mute Clap Lure

Singular Assessment
Erases Slanting Sums

Manage Sexual Pool
Exam Plague Saloon

Sly Actuarial Envy
Yearly Avian Cults
Victual Nay Slayer
Yeast Rival Lunacy

Calendar Secret
Arcade Lecterns
Cancel Retreads
Cleared Trances
Candle Terraces

Bean Tracing
Reacting Ban

Faceless Stoning
Close Fastenings
Genitals Confess
Face Lesson Sting
Focal Tense Signs
Class Finest Gone
Safe Tennis Clogs

Pentagon Sitar Story
Narration Gets Typos
Stronger Pinata Toys
Poor Gentry Satanist

Unsteady Reheating
Teenaged Hasty Ruin
Ahead Trusty Engine
Renegade Sanity Hut

Fatal Erasure Gun
Usual Ranger Fate

Maniac Needle Quote
Aquatic Needle Omen
Queened Atonal Mice
Quiet Laced Anemone
Camel Equation Need
Dateline Coma Queen

Malignancy Icon Potions
Moaning Sanction Policy

Appaloosa Nuance Mare
Area Saucepan Lampoon
Papal Macaroon Unease
Arcane Manual Papoose

Ferny Monotone Abacus
Robot Fume Annoyances
Fantasy Boom Renounce
Unfasten Roomy Beacon
Anonymous Confab Tree
Yeoman Bacon Fortunes
Afternoon Scuba Money
Barefoot Canyon Menus
Coy Afternoon Sunbeam
Buoyant Onscreen Foam
Confronts Bayou Enema
Moonstone Bay Furnace
Safety Announcer Boom
Tearoom Fanny Bounces

Seeping Narrowness
New Porn Greasiness
Pigeons Snare Wrens
Warning Prose Sense
Swans Renege Prison

Avowing Sanctities
Satan Eviction Swig
Cage Invasion Twist
Static Waving Noise

Tent Accent Fades
Cant Defeat Scent

Titan Decapitation Net
Tapioca Tainted Intent
Penitent Data Citation
Attic Patina Detention

Adequate Dry Turnip
Trite Quandary Dupe
Updated Rat Enquiry
Dread Pure Quantity
Unrequited Day Trap

Pet Tithing Acreage
Acetate Ginger Pith
Reattaching Tie Peg
Ice Tight Parentage
Night Regatta Piece
The Agitating Creep
Cigarette Ape Night
Catheter Eating Pig
Peace Gathering Tit
Tape Teaching Tiger
Pathetic Aging Tree
Nightcap Triage Tee
Tragic Teenage Pith
Tacit Peerage Thing
Reggae Patient Itch
Target Hating Piece

Patriotic Wish
Satiric Hop Wit
With Air Optics
His Tropic Wait
Gay Tail Is Hip

Avian Optics Policy
Soppy Civilian Taco

Aged Payroll Porch
Cold Ear Polygraph

Panacea Exploiting Loot
Polite coaxial pentagon

Diagnostic Hippy Rot
Sporadic Hot Pitying
Idiot Yachting Props

Fallacies Fluid Tipping
Appeasing Difficult Ill
Uplifting Placid Falsie
Italic Pillaged Puffins
Pitiful Failed Scalping
Affiliated Cup Spilling

Panacea Fencing Spirit
Transpacific Pain Gene
Anapestic Finance Grip
Sectarian Face Nipping
Fascinating Ape Prince
Parasite Panic Fencing
Incipient Pagan Farces

Pipe Tulip Carnage
True Pig Appliance
Cripple Iguana Pet
Preppie Cult Again
Pagan Picture Pile
Eager Catnip Pupil

Nipped Confutation
Unfit Acid Opponent
Pope Unit Confidant
Ancient Pundit Poof
Inept Found Caption
Pointed Panic Futon
Daft Upon Inception
Peanut Fiction Pond
Unnoticed Faint Pop

Populist Retaliations
Slop Put Rationalities
Operational Split Suit
Aerial Tulip Spittoons
Utilitarian Slope Post
Isle Tour Palpitations
Naturalist Potpie Soil
Lost Reptilian Utopias
Alienist Laptop Suitor
Tailpipe Loan Tourists
Potential Upstairs Oil

Replaceable If Ripe
Brief Paella Recipe

Perceptive Air Favor
Fictive Reaper Vapor
Captive Pair Forever

She Appeared Driven
Panda Hide Preserve
Happier Dead Nerves
Papers Invaded Here

Parenthetic Coup
Authentic Copper
Cenotaph Picture
Phonetic Capture
Appointee Crutch

Tiptop Paranoia Designer
Posing Repatriated Piano
Disappearing Rate Potion
Ingratiated Paper Poison
Gardenia Poinsettia Prop
Propagated Paint Ironies
Ignorant Potpie Paradise
Giant Preposition Parade
Operation Grandpa Pities
Pinpoint Pagoda Arteries
Inept Pagoda Respiration
Irradiation Stoppage Pen
Reappraise Dating Option
Prepaid Regatta Opinions
Perspiration Depot Again

Primeval Posing
Prevailing Mops
Loping Vampires
Savoring Pimple
Open Ramp Vigils

Caramel Toxic Property
Exemplary Arctic Troop

Aged Petty Slugs
Sly Gutted Pages
Ugly Tested Gasp

Primordial Bestiary
Admirably Ripe Riots
Tipsy Armorial Bride

Saccharin Torpor
Prosaic Cart Horn
 Apron Rich Actors