Famous Sleep


A little over Jordan
Water is taught by thirst
The sea said, “come” to the brook
The grass so little has to do

Some days retired from the rest
Prayer is the little implement
Like some old-fashioned miracle
In lands I never saw, they say

I fit for them
Give little anguish
As by the dead we love to sit
When I was small, a woman died

A death-blow is a life-blow to some
Wait till the majesty of death


Perhaps you’d like to buy a flower
Let me not mar that perfect dream
I lost a world the other day
I died for beauty but was scarce

For death, or rather
Candor, my tepid friend
You left me sweet, two legacies
Ah, Teneriffe!

We outgrow love like other things
The thought beneath so slight after
The daisy follows soft the sun
I’ve seen a dying eye

Lightly stepped a yellow star
I heard a fly buzz when I died


He fumbles at your spirit
From all the jails the boys and girls enter
Crisis is sweet and set of heart
When roses cease to bloom, dear

Ambition cannot find her
‘Twas a long parting, but the time came
The springtime’s pallid landscape
The incidents of love

‘Tis whiter than an Indian pipe
Pink, small, and punctual
Like men and women shadows walk
I’m husband; I’ve finished that

I gained it so
Faith is a fine invention


Father I bring thee not myself but thy other
A shady friend for torrid days
Who has not found the heaven below
Adrift! A little boat adrift!

‘Twas such a little little boat
This is the land the sunset washes
The moon was but a chin of gold
Some things that fly there be

No autumn’s intercepting chill
My wheel is in the dark
I see the letter in the dark
If I should die

God permits industrious angels
At last to be identified


Witchcraft has not a pedigree
A dew sufficed itself
To the staunch dust we safe commit thee
The wind began the rock the grass

The moon is distant from the sea
And she slept beneath a tree
No knowing when the dawn will come
I years had been from home

I noticed people disappeared
If the foolish call them flowers
Forbidden fruit a flavor has
Come slowly Eden

A clock stopped not the mantel’s
Unto my books so good to turn


“Remember me” implored the thief
Nature is what we see
Let down the bars O death
I measure every grief I meet

I can’t tell you but you feel it
Glory is that bright tragic thing
Could I but ride indefinite
Where ships of purple gently toss

A little overflowing word
What mystery pervades a well
This is my letter to the world
The murmur of a bee

The duties of the wind are few
That short potential stir


Immured in heaven what a cell
Her final summer was it
Dropped into the cement
Death sets a thing significant

You cannot put a fire out
After a hundred years
Upon the gallows hung a wretch
This merit hath the worst

The leaves like women interchange
That she forgot me was the least
Pain has an element of blank
I took my power in my hand

I have a king who does not speak
I had a daily bliss


That is solemn we have ended
Our share of night to bear
Not any sunny tone
It was not death,for I stood up

I had been hungry all the years
How dare the robins sing
Had this day not been
A route of evanescence

Who were the Father and the Son
A face devoid of love or grace
To lose thee sweeter than to gain
The sky is low the clouds are mean

The long sigh of the frog
The bat is dun with wrinkled wings


My friend must be a bird
I meant to find her when I came
I bet with every wind that blew
From cocoon forth a butterfly

A prompt executive bird is the jay
Who robbed the woods
All overgrown by cunning moss
To hear an oriole sing

Tie the strings to my life my lord
Lay this laurel on the one
Step lightly on this narrow spot
On the bleakness of my lot

Me! Come! My dazzled face
I have no life but this


Volcanoes be in Sicily
There is a word
The future never spoke
Softened by time’s consummate plush

On my volcano grows the grass
Like mighty footlights burned the red
Is bliss then such abyss
I felt a funeral in my brain

Except the smaller size no lives are round
Ashes denote that fire was
Within my reach
Adventure most unto itself

We never know how high we are
Through lane I lay through bramble


A face devoid of love or grace
A precious moldering pleasure ‘tis
Given little anguish
How dare the robins sing

In winter in my room
My cocoon tightens colors tease
Nature is what I see
The bee is not afraid of me

A drop fell on the apple tree
Apparently with no surprise
Forever cherished be the tree
I dreaded the first robin so

I know a place where summer strives
My country need not change her gown


I like a look of agony
Like brooms of steel
Of tribulations these are they
Remorse is memory awake

After a hundred years
Beauty crowds me till I die
From cocoon forth a butterfly
If tolling bell I ask the cause

I had no cause to be awake
Let me not mar that perfect dream
It sounded as if the streets were running
Success is counted sweetest

A charm invests a face
A spider sewed at night


I gave myself to him
I had been hungry all the years
Love reckons by itself alone
Not with a club the heart is broken

Soul wilt thou toss again?
Angels in the early morning
Death is like the insect
Essential oils are wrong

How destitute is he
I measure every grief I meet
Look back on time with kindly eyes
Poor little heart

So bashful when I spied her
A long, long sleep a famous sleep