With His Slip-shod Heels

Lord streets water
Face earth death
Sun umbrellas foot-hold
Day day crust pavement
Compound interest

River river tiers
Waterside cabooses
Yards rigging gunwales
Eyes fireside
The stem and the bowl
Afternoon wrathful
The toes and the fingers
Bridges parapets skies
Misty fog streets
Sun spongey shops
Gas raw dense
Muddy threshold leaden-headed
The very heart of the fog

Lord groping sight lord
Lantern roof high
Ten thousand stages
Their goat-hair and horse-hair
Various causes of fathers
The registrar’s red table
Silk court fog
Stained glass windows
Place uninitiated from the streets
Glass door drawls
Roof padded lord
Lantern attendant
This is the Court of Chancery
The ruined suitor
With his slip-shod heels