The cultus of horse-flesh
A perilous margin

The city of visible history
A dirty feather

The huge bronze canopy
A moist brightness

The new real future
A constant alarm

The secret motion of a watch-hand
A devout admiration

The absence of windows
A melancholy presentiment

The harnessed dynasties
A very handsome advance

The gratitude of wasps
A life of privation

The fanaticism of sympathy
A waternixie’s soul

The virtues of melody
A favourite red volume

The meaningless we attach to words
A sad dark-blue scandal

The mysteries of luck
A dying dolphin

The impression of previous duplicity
A crumpled paper from his pocket

The heroes of the turf
A plan for threading the stars

The concord of verbs & pronouns
A sudden vision of sunset

The echoes of the great hammer
A cometary heat

The object of enviable homage
A new use in anatomy

The most densely ignorant
A little technical talk

The inadequacy of words
A better method of treatment

The necessary materials
A capital piece of work

The volumes of polite literature
A piano bursting

The sense of busy ineffectiveness
A tolerably comfortable life

The want of muscular curve
A more lengthened observation

The vividness of a thought
A transient earthly bliss

The speaking trumpet
An irradiating caution

The new bliss not blissful
A penitential expiation

The blank that might possibly come
A suppressed rebellion

The still more unpleasant task
A pessimistic resistance

The sense of connection
A flea to a fleece

The transcendent evening light
A bit of ink and paper

The inadequacy of words
A huge whispering gallery

The gorgeous water-silk
A large red seal

The large wainscoated parlour
A sort of picture

The ingenious mechanism
A sky marbled

The nature of everything
A stammering condition

The account on the last syllable
A man very open-hearted

The imbecile desires
A splash in the mud

The dream-like association
A pretty strong party

The diligent narrator
A cloud of good & bad angels

The crying needs of the century
An air of patience

The melancholy experience
A bitterness in the mouth

The least disposed
An offensive capability

The article in question
A tortoise of desultory pursuits

The way with us
A stray tortoise

The common jealousy
A soul beyond utterance

The joy of another soul
A sailor every inch of him

The brown books behind
A fellowship in hostility

The arch of western light
A cud of erudite mistake

The pale stag
A world strangely incongruous

The obligations imposed
An air of deeper cunning

The feelings of dogs
A remnant of deeper vices

The pauper labourers
A very low undertone

The scanty dairy of cows
An amateur of superior phrases

The rare trust of dining
A slow dialogue in undertone

The numerous handbills
A bland parenthesis

The brightness of the apples
A sort of half-mourning purple

The date of invasion
A more vicious length of limb

The one pair of eyes
A comfortable consciousness

The sake of contemplation
A famous armchair

The possible arrest
A good corner to sit in

The memory of hyacinths
A strange way of arriving

The scandalous life
An apology for everything

The trash talked
An exquisite tact & insight

The sort of prestige
An influx of dim projects

The first to report
A fit in the library

The essence of the charlatan
An inward articulate voice

The memory of great workers
A small monograph

The principle of reform
A manifold pregnant existence

The sunshine and the rain
A breathing whiteness

The embryos of truths
A process of maceration

The quality of gold
A shadow cast by other resolves

The seed of all tradition
A little dulled by routine

The goal receding
A little bit of neck

The heavier limbs
A certain natural tendency

Those leather books
A festival for tenderness

The low stone wall
A constant understanding

The gravel in front
An air of precision

The season of hope
A remarkable firmness of glance

The pointless conversation
A ship in the garden

The creeping paralysis
A general wreck of society

The biting presence
A final little frown

The blight of irony
A penny trumpet

The inevitable future
A moderate inclination upwards

The chastity of the design
An apparent unfathomableness

The train of causes
A street shaded with coal-dust

The use of wide phrases
A significant grimace

The fluctuations of a dream
A proportionate disappointment

The projecting window
A pensioner’s eulogy

The threatening train
A hyperbolic tongue

The tale to please
A consecration of ugliness

The common trials of desire
A blind sort of way

The quick vision
A heretic about art

The coarse organization
A disputation too abstract

The uneasy corner
A tone of piteous regret

The distant rule
A maroon velvet cap

The debasing company of money
A dove-coloured blouse

The general blackballing
A difficult kind of shorthand

The agonized struggles
A small fresh vegetation

The severe prescription
A set of box-like partitions

The social spirit
A genuine mythical product