My Lentil

Yes. We are what we eat. Let’s think about nutrition.
Let’s nutrite. We can’t help ourselves. Seconds? No.
Firsts. Our gratitude is full. An elegant sufficiency.
The Cooked & the Raw. You think it’s a choice? A binary?

You, cauliflower, you are like to me my broccoli.
My best friend is a lentil. I love you, Lentil, in your singularity.
I am sorry to eat you cauliflower, broccoli, and dear lentil.
I am what I eat and I speak for all of us when I say:

Food: It’s not what we think it is. Let’s think of food as…
Rice is fascinating. Think about rice. It’s fascinating.
I have a wok, a quality wok, sometimes I wok-out.
I want to forget about eating, about cauliflower, broccoli &

You my dear lentil. I never named you. Forgive me.

Sometimes the smallest things matter the most.