Links to KCS Hybrid Poetics

Below are links to some of my art/writing/poetry hybrid projects.
If the links don’t work, please send me a message at

This piece was commissioned for a program at the University of Maryland Baltimore County, “Anarchy in the Kitchen”. The mayonnaise was particularly disgusting.

These poems were performed on the set of the BBC studio in Washington, DC.
This book-length conceptual poem is included in’s “Publishing the Unpublishable series.

4. Trailer for "The Truth of Poetry"
This was initially a trailer for an imaginary film, but then I made a suite of short  videos based on the premise.

5. "The Truth of Poetry: Abbreviated"
      (password: poetry)
Like most of my video work, this was done in one long take.

6. "The Truth of Poetry: Mockingpencil, Part 1"
      (password: TOPNYC)
This piece is essentially a love-letter to lower Manhattan.