Zigzag Considerations

Adolescent vanity of
Noiseless reverie &
Adulated strangers

Narcotic intercourse of
Adaptive facts &
                                Neighboring mists

Bandying modesty of
                Olive grayness &
Balanced capacities

Occult sympathy of
Banished handicrafts &
                                Overhanging darkness

Cadaverous grasp of
                Painstaking reticence &
Castellated minds

Pacific disposition of
Casual allurements &
                                Petticoat diplomacy

Dampened cheek of
                Quiet impulses &
Daring instinct

Quaint culprits of
Dappled ardor &
                                Quenchless despair

Elegant prayers of
                Reciprocal lavishness &
Emblazoned pinnacles

Radiant happiness of
Elastic ductility &
                                Roundabout brutality

Feeble dribble of
                Seductive whisperings &
Fireside desire

Scholarly distractions of
                Fathomless servitude &
                                Shabby abstraction

Garbled decorations of
Terrible sublimity &
Gymnastic agility

Tangible recognition of
Germinal ideas &
                                Thawing laughter

Halting intuition of
Unabashed pleasure &
Howling presence

Unadorned innocence of
Hardened indifference &
                Useless scorn

Imaginative warmth of
Vampire tongues &
Instant readiness

Vacant obedience of
Immutable silence &
Velvety lawns

Jaded confidence of
Waxwork sex &
Just rebukes

Warbling prophecy of
Juvenile candor &
Willing nothingness

Kaleidoscopic enthusiasm of
Yielding ambitions &
Knavish conduct

Yawning tenderness of
Kingly generosity &
Youthful disposition

Laudable absurdity of
Zoological devotion &
Liquid eloquence

Zealous methods of
Leaden steps &
Zigzag considerations