Epaulettes of Gold or Silver

To you I dedicate this suffering
of discomfort and reading
formulas rendered fulfillment
materially aided
I have followed the animal
from his birth to his appearance
on the table
  have described
the manner of feeding him
and of slaying him
the position of his various joints
and after giving the recipes
have described the modes of carving
but this you shall be spared
the bitter almond
husks of anchovies
paste for the second-course
uses of the sweet
between birth and maturity
the quality of the flesh
Saxon names of tails and tongues
making apoplexy popular again
baked dumplings
arrowroot biscuits
apprentice to marmalade
a popular dish mashed
a bachelor’s omelet
barley gruel baroness tart
laurel consecrated by priests
marrow bones boiled in olive juice
spiced (to serve cold)
the dutch way to salt
beer table bites and stings
from the nose bleeding
dislocation of the boot polish
cherry brandy concussion
miniature rice in eel broth
cuts lacerations and bruises
burns and scalds
attention to lights
difficult breathing
easily digested
the color of clarified butter
the turnip and the cabbage
tea to toast
drinking from the saucer
the symbol of divine power
sweeping fondue
autumnal complaints
cleaning the cinnamon tree
and a stable full of cloves
the ventilation of the stalls
the furniture in the harness room
simple methods of making coffee
the essence of choice
an early rising notice
excellence in the art of explanation
to make old look like new
pox or vaccination
a hair sieve situation
in charge of dairy produce
the drowning treatment
the American mode of capturing the duck
a decoy and a man and a dog and a gun
epaulettes of gold or silver