Belong When You're Already a Member

raise the price of grapes to get good judges
make grape culture profitable to tell the birds from the flowers
draw horses to reduce your income tax

play guitar to live 100 years and retain youth health and beauty
play piano by ear to draw cars of tomorrow
develop faith that heals to psycho-analyze yourself

build a water snare to strengthen mind and nerves
study your Bible to teach secondary chemistry and allied sciences
play miniature golf to communicate with the Lord

prepare food for children to obtain build and retain a dental practice
win at stud poker by putting technocracy into practice
prune western shrubs to read rapidly and well

win and hold a husband to appraise sales personnel
pay taxes to play and win at dominoes
run a corporation to get eggs from your own hens during the winter months

apply modern magic in advertising to make friends easily
handle a criminal proceeding to read a Platonic dialogue
sell your ideas to start a child-care service in the Central Valley

use irrevocable trusts in estate planning to give a party
write for money to chart your own career in drugs
color photographs with oils to sell to the retail trade

make more money after the war to grow better roses
calculate the nutrient content and cost of poultry feeds
pray and stay awake to plan advertising campaigns for victory

use the Readers' Guide to Periodical Literature to write and sell a hit song
raise orchids at home to teach folk and square dance
attract money to install and care for your lawn

use the library be a flight stewardess
build patio roofs to make money with carnival games
pose the model to ride and win

understand your dreams to teach yourself an expert golf swing
grow watergrass for ducks to make a speech and believe it
win a fortune to build fences and gates.

write your term paper to buy meat and save money
find the courthouse to sleep without pills
tan animal skins at home to enjoy Charles Kuralt

prepare your own patent application to use auto-suggestion effectively
work with older people to bowl better using self-hypnosis
make ESP work for you to plan establish and maintain rock gardens

collect antique bottles to build recreational vehicle parks in the Mt Shasta region
play the Madrigal soprano pipe to prepare and administer hypnotic prescriptions
lose your lunch money to reach the fourth dimension

win on election day to build decks for outdoor living
preserve animal and other specimens in clear plastic to make a coat
fish the Pacific to be a Jewish mother

succeed in love to lose weight with a minimum of will power
put a melody on paper to avoid electronic eavesdropping
compose and arrange marches for marching bands to gain freedom from economic slavery

avoid legal trouble while owning your pet by being an apartment house manager
grow bulbs to keep the heart healthy and fit
live like a retired millionaire on less than $250 a month by becoming a children's prescription shoe fitting specialist

read a highway map to start your own school in El Segundo
avoid unnecessary surgery to beat the establishment and get that job
develop a better speaking voice to do your own divorce

examine a chemist in drug abuse cases to syndicate an apartment house
kill a college to make a university out of a multiversity
be a Christian in an unchristian world to break into computer programming

tilt at windmills to grow herbs
lose your best friend to make your marriage exciting
strike it rich on TV game shows to wage a successful campaign for the Presidency

tune your car to develop control over your penis with image rehearsal biofeedback
double your travel funds to get your money's worth out of psychiatry
grow a church to observe face-to-face communication

survive the new health catastrophes to be human in academia.
beat the bill collector to beat those cordon bleus
keep well while traveling in the tropics to keep your teenagers out of trouble

make bookshelves & cabinets  to make your dreams come true
become a successful construction contractor to be a new you
build a solar heater to enjoyably quit smoking crack in five days

take over your local government to conquer suffering without doctors
be a lousy secretary to be a people helper in San Pedro
get the dragons out of your temple to enjoy life between 12 and 20 

organize a babysitting cooperative to live in your van and love it

enjoy 1 to 10 perfect days in San Francisco to identify mushrooms to genus IV
grow a moneytree to make a square tortilla
make soft toys & dolls to hand-craft  knives and cutlery

restore the viols & violins of the Renaissance to smash a smokingbird
train your pet like a television star to succeed in big time trucking 
burn your candle to turn your marriage into an affair

live with a tiger to make it to Friday
make money freelancing to meet interesting women
outsmart your landlord to outsmart your tenants

raise an ox to treat yourself with Chinese herbs
become a civilian to conduct yourself as a supervisor
draw prehistoric monsters to create a tax shelter for a travel agency

enjoy supernatural prosperity to generate values in young children
profit from offshore banking to stop your dog's bad habits
sell goods and services in the Peoples's Republic of China to survive modern technology

conquer snack attacks to win the aging game
be a household word to ask for a raise without getting fired
be a couple & still be free to discipline children without feeling guilty

get your husband to fulfill your emotional needs to go racing at Bonneville
protect yourself from assorted crooks and nuts to keep your face looking young
know when God speaks to lose your fear of flying in Sausalito

make displays legible to get rich in mail order
make pillows to quit the rat race-successfully
reach anyone who's anyone to single out your mate

start and run a successful home typing business to beat loneliness
install ceramic tile to defeat a superior opponent
obtain subcontracts for defense work to plan and build your fireplace

play golf without a complete collapse of character to take and sell erotic photographs
bag a California wild turkey to deliver death news
draw robots and spaceships to forgive your ex-husband

free yourself from pain to live fairly elegantly on virtually nothing in Los Angeles
profit through politeness to set-up and operate your own occult shop
do everything right and live to regret it by having sex in public without being noticed

enjoy those September years by opening a personal Swiss bank account
build unicycles and artistic bicycles to get an orchestra job-- and keep it
profit from supply side economics to get better grades and have more fun

speak English without a foreign accent to become a balloon artist and make up to $100,000 a year
find a good psychotherapist to get your kid to eat-- but not too much
make your drum machine sound like a drummer to pass any "lie detector" test

persuade your lover to use a condom to understand Chinese characters by means of their ancestral forms
become an expert on stamp collecting and other postal hobbies to gain financial independence as a salaried person
keep your bad habits and still avoid flame-out to save the world

be a couple & still be free to find a job in school administration
make $1,000 a minute to be a Christian and still enjoy life
buy government surplus to conduct a feasibility study in Playa del Rey

conquer negative emotions to cook a wolf
design & remodel children's rooms to express emotions of the soul and operations of the mind in a language that has no words for them as exemplified by Odysseus and Calypso
fight a girl to get a job in TV commercials

restore your Mustang
simply cut children's hair
talk your way out of a traffic ticket
be a celebrity
be chic fabulous and live forever
give life to the spirit of Aphrodite in you
live aboard your own boat
sell 75% of your freelance writing
use a dictionary picture book
write & sell your sense of humor
attract hummingbirds & butterflies
adopt from Romania
be a slightly better parent
become an international penpal
find your treasure in a gift basket
talk dinosaur with your child
get started with modems
land your first paralegal job
massage your cat
spiritualize your marriage
succeed in chiropractic college
belong when you're already a member