Full Dread Tax

Persuasion often
Limited early almost
Last page the favorite
County paragraph printers

Information date county day month
History ancient usual office
First arms county second
Beginning & end of valet service

Place is a blessing sir
Constant youthful but very demurring
The world’s two authorities need & want
This village  the best more good than others

Public honor  absolute
Same wreck good rest
Neighborhood rapid crows
Ideas of a domestic way

Chaise drawing-rooms
In countries of great remembrance
Consciousness of the next years
The next book a date book

Table the history of remembrance
Saddle up your little pony
Future acquaintances will be modest
They will introduce you to the study of law

Rest a year following next year
Draw a line around your house and your head
Forget the lithe young hands in the lobby
& the family man’s summer disgrace

The customary intervention
Cares agitation sameness
Elegance prosperity nothingness
Feelings of vacancy heavy

Unwelcome state last autumn
First the drawing-room was happy
Usually the real evil is left whole
The power windows on the estate wagon broke long ago

The contrary insertion of marriage
Gives a heft and volume only certain
To those with the most correct discernment
Gentle humiliations promised and enjoyed

Mistress eldest her mortification unfounded
News watchfulness young possibilities day and wife
Disproportion worth prompting
Glow a warmth of the full dread tax