With my Basque Friend I Stroll the Topmost Deck

Three men come down the winter hill looking
Long companions they can never reach
Blue light men with ladders by the church swing
Sledge and shadow in the twilight street

The effects of motion on the travelers
The deception practiced on them at the station
For them the end of their journey
Fireflies and stars their only light

The following day an exasperating day
Absolutist butlers in the spacious hall
The Duke presented to my great-grandmother
Half-lit and lascivious apartments

Chessmen caught in the European’s eye and
The moon came up late and the night was cold
The epistemology of loss how to stand up to
Priestly sanction then the drop of a sound

Lilac shadows with light where they played
The flowing ceremony of trouble and light
Streaming torches in the grove
The emerald azure and the gold

The high ones die die
The friends my innocence cherished
The scourge of choice at the point of light
Their markers slant glorious and flowerless

The horse swerves and dreams
The grey girl who had not been singing stopped
Tissue golden of the day undone
Vivid wanderers uneasy with their shame

The dove whispers and diminishes
The corners of their eyes are white
Their lips they bite
The insomnia of eternity

The spruce barkeep
The tide a frozen daiquiri 
In his yacht six months
The boy and the bear along

The governor your husband lived so long
The weary drizzle of an unremembered dream
The man with cropped ears glares and says
“The future is with and in us”

Proportioned spiritless poems accumulate
To the mansion and the garden and the stable
The tilted sickening ear within
The use of an edge and the order of a grave

The glories of the world strike me
The greens of the Ganges delta foliate
A little cough somewhere
The dove light after dawn on the island

The whole implausible necessary thing
The death of the death of love
The name of this is freedom
But the architecture is far from reassuring

The sun is in the willow
Military establishments forever
The conclusion is growing I feel certain my lord
The tulip desires no more

The serving-girl folded her fan and turned on the air-conditioner
The lemonade machine made lemonade
The world is lunatic this is the last ride
The fate of the soul when drunk

A caress that felt like a blow
The final wound of the cross
The world else a crawling scene
Peripheral crimes in the pantry

The large work largely done
The altering bodies of boats and ships
New forms in which ancient thought appears
The friends and the friends of friends

Wind blows ponders coughs sings
The authority of management dwarfed
And this place is not so bad
The invitation came today

The mind is incalculable
The great ships confused in tempest
The pitcher dreams and throws a hazy curve
The happy rotors whir

The avenues are rain
The pen and the heart
Play music ancient and gradual
For the daughter they pine