Made Sleepy

Portraits die faces past present left dead punctuated
Gummed & tended grooves one more Duke
& the Marquis detected of lymph declines

Males work for ages in the territories of Frog Hollow
Eyes ventilated dry the last antique from Nice
Advanced and ambiguous nobility nerves top
Abandonments and progression towards growth

Mother father castle husband woman another
Duchess noises shade the first child’s intelligence
Latin living the first boarding holiday summer
Facetious room servants read books days nights

All afternoon countryside small foot meadows
Shade high deaf water fresh peat
Green coasts wind extent
The blue dusk sky of the horizon tower

Suns gilded air night glory advantage
Theological subtleties of the Jesuit Orders unknown
Paternal priest programs training in the castle library

The Count’s relations in the street chair world
Heraldic dowagers and the men the descendents
Of last feudal features cut stem of a fern
Softened pulp of an invitation that reproaches
Offices Catholic attacks of girls eyes the majority

Controlled patience obeying the numbered editions benefit
From the sale same free doctrinaire middle-class opinion
Of the shoe-maker in the corner world with the same
Insignificance exchanged with the skin of patriotic newspapers

The range of public works is as ceaseless as human carnal meals
Time for small desserts as the table slides innate
Already the fortune is contestable made sleepy