Sheets of Flame

Circular  & unanimous the bamboo
Sacred & taciturn of the south deep
Mountain gray mud banking
Blades circular & color miasmal
An homage to the stranger
The pedestal sun
Incessant ruins inconsolable
Men of the region
Dilapidated without purpose
The entire proximity of
Rice a sole stranger
Center burnt tiers of faces
Farthest stars face
Importance of real answers
Universe of the former level
Latter vast times a teacher
Useless dawn an intolerable lucidity
Forest hemlock for the student body
Incoherent as most enigmas
As faceless as an enormous
Afternoon river planetary
Prescribed size of a penumbra
Fourteenth pulmonary whole heart
Examination of the vision principle
Skeleton eyelids & innumerable hairs
Less than an effigy
Perhaps a tiger perhaps a colt
Statue same-dreamed phantom
A dreamers dream of the other ruined temple
Orders had been given
Mysteries and the cult of fire
The pretext of pedagogical necessity
Words & sounds
The mere confusion of happiness
The future south sky
Metal of the night’s rose color
Panic-stricken flight of wild animals
From the ruins of the sanctuary
The concentric fire licking the wall
The water the walls
The sheets of flame