That Spring Day in March

I am three years old three six and ten
I am born and raised
at the age I met a sweet
and have a close and our bright
in a house that was in a small
was fields and on all sides
a small one lane lay in front
on which large trucks would pass
I was if it too in such a place
I am of an I to say I like to be
with but am with as
most of all I spend a lot of time
in the hills my in
I used to and it had a bit to do
this each so I to give more the day
and keep I would hear talk to me
or see things that I had not
get things and me that proved true
for I once the that one of my was to die
yet know if I should trust these that came
I had to do I to out which one it would be
so I wrote him a long him all
the kinds of things one says
a loved one dies how much
they had left the day on that trip
we had strange in the house at night
huge which made us think our
had been down the sound of chairs
the floor we spent nights down the hall
with a gun sure that this time is it
so we learned to wet it
with no one near the sink
on full blast I but me
to go to turn it off
we had made a child the night last
this turned out to be true
this growth caused by them
had it been bred into me
first sight one year 
my son was three months old
and I had not thought
things were well for us
we had built a new house
our kids taught the street
and I had friends in France
as I could  speak French
to feel a part of the by that time
the strange in the home had stopped
I had  my and things were quite
it was in March that I to get
in the pit of my that I to feel
start a bit out the not what I was
for I  to get the that was for me
that I had been told in of this
as if I had to a a long time I to be
of the night one night there was a screen
a film which I had not heard then
(the French are much more than that to such)
the thought seemed to hit a nerve in me
and it was as if I that I'd been to it was
I had  to help I get a clear in my head
but I knew that that was not and the was
with dread I had to face that I'd to give
a of for I had the that it was a race
and I felt for them this did not ease my fear
but made it grow I was that they might hurt
me them not to come not to hurt me
I could not turn the lights off at night
and had a hell of a time to that to my
I could not tell a soul I was not at all sure
that I was not just plain two nights I felt
heard a low which seemed to me right
down to my bones my and I searched
to find the source that our new house
had not been but he could not hear it
and I could not find where it was from
then the night came which put an end to my
my son was still at my tit at that time
which I had done with each of my kids
six years who has done that for three kids
knows that that time she does not sleep
means just that night when the kid calls
she must be to and not be to the baby in the
or the cat so such was my were and did I
what I had done in the night or been
it I feel is to point out in the I say
the same is true for me now
to a good night sleep but at that time
this was not the case
in the night I had my son
out of his room and brought him
our bed to nurse we had at some point
I woke to feel him from me off my arm
the edge of the bed
he was not here nor there and was not at all
as if pulled by pulled him back
to me and looked but saw no one
then I felt and to float off the bed
as I rose I and at my back to wake him
but he did not wake
when I was  two feet off the bed
all things went black
I don't mean to say my is sort of
what next or that I just off to sleep
I mean it was a quick and off of
as if a black cloak had been dropped
my mind the next thing I knew
I was  it was
and my son was in his bed
I had no of I felt even though I
what had in my bed
I went to the hall and saw
a tuft of hair cut off
on of the top of my head
I laughed out loud when I
that that was how they took the
and I'd been so much worse
I felt that it was  and all was gone
I had that hair up on the top of my head
(since the rest is long)
for a long time and what
all I could say was
I don't know
that was the truth
I still thought I might just
have been nuts
one day in I was in on my way home
from it was a and clear day
the road which went by our home
and she was there when I hit this
had  in the last two years there
like I said this road was not one
but there were at least ten cars
in front of me each at a dead stop
as I did the same I off of
in the sky and of me there
was a sky thing I could see it quite
the it was made of which it
seemed to be on the sky
and I tried to make out
as had been of to me
that was not my first thought
I racked my brain to what kind of new
that might what I was since this was
used for we had jets and the house
I thought I might be one from as the time
it that this thing was not at all
I still kept my mind for a that was
of such a feat a which it was not
can't sit that still
I'm not sure how much time passed
my feels fuzz there
a sort of since which leads me to
on took place then at any rate
the thing did start to move at some point
and wiped  all my hopes
as  it went up and down
one way and the in then flew off
at a speed that caused me to lose my breath
I knew at that that what I had just
was not of this world at all
since then I have to the flight of all
in the sky birds in the sky
and have not yet found like I saw that day
when the thing left it went high speed
and most did not start at a low speed and
if there had been that thing at that
they would have been as soon as it was
gone all the cars then to move
I felt calm and and just home
more than a year when things
to that I the of my at that time if
that me that and asked how I would
would have been I would get out
run to the car in front of me and ask
if they saw the same thing as I
some names then the whole thing
to the I would have to feel more
by that I had did not was
and why were those cars stopped
did they stop to see it too
I found a book on this and read
in the of these kinds of car stalls
I don't know if that was the case for my car
but I  for a few weeks after my eyes burned
and and I  blurred when at things
as far as my room was then
that I to have which we learned
were caused not by them but it
by I still did not link any of this
to what had been done
that spring day in March