The Trigger

First second
Nephew uncle
Same circumstances
Second Past
Tradition brains &
Living Spirits
I am the smallest ant
I take as a given
What is a self
Whatever this
Past masks
Apostle revolution
Guise of a Roman revolution
The beginner’s tongue new
Old tasks
Feudal springs anew
Other only
Unfettered nations
Imagined communities
The resurrected tribunes
Of office protections
Austere ghosts
Self deceptions
Passion planes
The dead of world history
Us & them
Yes, you & me
Street justice
Stage speech awakening
Dead porpoises
Given imagination
Mad old hard pale
I am still here
Lamp fastened on head
The long whips whelter
No common language
Exit forced
Memory perils
Syrup answers
Old old middle
Social past
Future past
Former dead phrase
February’s old people
Liberal state swords
Answer interval studies
Latter surface
Situational Aesthetics
Cruel thoroughness
Half-measures first-attempts
Blue thunder platforms
Civil spells
Overthrowing the prologue
Spell moment eyes name
Elemental dynastic circles
Politically possessing exclusive
Actual people barricades
General modern material
Claims remaining
Old whole vision wide
Barricade foundations
I am still here

Reacting to the public
For the entire cycle
Endless generation
Until the shop closes
The shop will close
The shop will close
Barricades in one form
In the sky
More words
The trigger