Always Once More

once more say you are the country
take almost any path you please
& ten to one you’re down a dale
& left there by a pool and stream
there stand trees
each a hollow trunk
there sleeps meadow
& there sleep cattle
up from yonder cottage
goes a sleepy sympathy
deep woodlands mazy ways
the scent of a symphony bathed blue
but though thus tranced
as by a cataract of sand
would you travel there
why upon your voyage as a passenger
did you feel such a charge
when told that you and your boat
were now out to sea
why do the old hold the sea holy
ungraspable phantom vapors
both of us pull & pass
buttered & salted & peppered
you  grow hazy about the eyes
& press yourself to the research
you grow quarrelsome
after four hours of sleep
Balzac Zola & Proust tease you
no never go as a passenger
false cognates close parallels
the same lot as usual
Esperanto coffee & drugs
always once more say repeat