Rehabilitation Bulletin 

  cutting timber into boards of equal measure
in a land clearance operation unheard of before
recording accomplishments of extreme dignity
for under-employed adults & restive youth
making their bedrolls tighter & tighter
shining their shoes shinier & shinier
entering the theater they act like characters
in a Restoration comedy of unimaginable tedium

when we go through these kinds of obligations
we need all the help & comfort
you can give so please do give generously
if not for us for elimination & evacuation

engaging in reforestation of denuded hillsides
straddling the slidelines
gathering seeds sloping planting
lining an irrigation canal slanting
fastening a telegraph wire to a glass insulator
atop a telegraph pole in a national forest
the establishment of anti-terror harm schools
& the storage & distribution of respirators
recollections of the wars between the states
& administrative problems of nautical institutes
what to do & what not to do in an air raid drill
dreaming of disaster desiring of disaster
protective concealment in the second person
in office buildings everywhere morale mobilization
allocations & priorities language breaking free
economic organization in total war the third person
control systems for larger communities
& also for smaller communities god bless them
shelter divisions & wings for everyone
abbreviations & alphabetics
under bombardment for domestic typhoons
recreation programs vital links in management
atomic powder under arms the first person
peaceful soldiers & civilian barbers
resistance as national defense
non-violent action against aggression
casualty  & social welfare
salary earning aphorisms
exemplary productivity
service station specialists
against the police idea always
multiyear contracting of space stations
& the fortunes to be made there
waiting out temporal hostilities
unconquerable potential  
of deterrence & defense
properly understood
state estate planning
of radioactive waste
witnessing the lease
situations & innovations
simplifications & indoctrinations
a post-military solution for the new era
farce estimates of annual averages
devastation & abuses by all parties
strategic approaches to satellite remote sensing
industrial plot retention
responsible tourism & butterfly tagging
unit randomness not  adversely affected
radically redirected right now
future considerations might be
the eyes of the land of the morning
of meadows woodlands & forests
poignant memories of sunshine & shadows
rain night the architecture of occupation
working always between the words
different levels different roles