Call me Bye

hey it's me group
our office tried to get
to see about with
its ticket
so it sounds like
so she was
but you know
when you get it going

hi if you can fax
yes hey missing you
your new book
I don't mean now
a good day this is

hi I know you're not
his take on exist but
I wish you were
because right now
my sort of boyfriend
Irene if you could come
over and helping
your thing out
so yeah give me a call

hi it's me again
this message sends you
know so you know
I'm not on my way
I just want to come over
as if all cellphone
I was going on bye

hi it's me
I'm just getting on
the messed up
when I totally forgot
so I'll just have some
place else If you get
out of town and why
estimates over
get something eat done
you know I said that
I will call you good day
so I was doing
you are and so
if you get this
give me a call back
already have you know
that but I'll call you
when I get out
on the other end soon
okay bye okay thanks

hey it's me almost 3
So if you were right
the laundromat
are you have that
and I'd love to serve
meetings so I thought
and I want to try your house
and I don't need to know
concerned something
comes in on Thursday
I was just
but in the gym
if you wanted
maybe you could
give me a parent
specifics in there
so to be put back in
it's your mother
are you still alive
call me bye