Everyone Came Bar Angela

We went aboard the boat.
Is there a doctor aboard the plane? What do you think about Mary?
Let’s talk about something different.
I’ve just read a book about President Kennedy. The lion was pacing about its cage.
We are flying above the clouds.
We live in the hills, 1,000 metres above sea-level. It’s only two degrees above freezing point. [+20C] Who came above you in the test results?
We drove across the desert.
The dog ran across the road.
There is a bridge across the river. We had lunch [1pm] after the meeting [11am]. Let’s meet the day after tomorrow.
Did you vote for or against the suggestion? He put his bicycle against the wall. We walked along the beach for two miles. There are trees along the road.
The toilet is along the corridor.
Their boat came alongside our boat.
Team A worked alongside Team B during construction.
I couldn’t hear her amid the noise. We were lost amidst the trees.Is there a doctor among us?
There were secret police among the crowd.
I was amongst strangers. I didn’t know anyone. He seems to be anti my idea.
Some people are anti everything.
We walked around the town for an hour. They all sat around the camp fire.
There is a big fence around the house. He was born around 1570. Let’s meet around 7pm.
He is working as a waiter.
The risk is as nothing compared to the profit. Ram is as tall as Anthony. She sat astride the horse. He is at school.
We first met at a party.
Let’s start the meeting at 9 o’clock.
He started work at 17 (years of age). We are aiming at sales of $1,000,000. The church is situated atop a hill.
Everyone came bar Angela. He is the best bar none. Barring rain, we’ll play tennis tomorrow. We had lunch [1pm] before the meeting [3pm]. We met the day before yesterday.
She was before me in the queue.
I would rather die before doing that. There is a police car behind us. It’s following us. We have a garden behind our house.
The child was hiding behind the tree.
I am behind your project. I will support it.
Vonica finished behind Shirley in the race.
She is behind the other children in her class. Much of Holland is below sea-level.
There is a family in the flat below us.
The temperature is 5 degrees below freezing point.
I came below Vonica in the test. You can buy it if it’s below $50. Our garage is beneath our house.
The tunnel runs beneath the sea.
Laurence is beneath the General Manager. It was beneath his dignity to do that.
The river runs beside our house. James was sitting beside Miriam.What shall we have besides coffee?
Tara was sitting between Ram and Ati.
Between you and me, I think she’s crazy. I can meet you between 1pm and 2pm. Can you see someone in the distance, beyond that house?
This is too difficult. It’s beyond me.
The meeting continued beyond midnight.Everyone came but Andrea.We came by car.
Fireworks were invented by the Chinese. He was shot by a professional killer.
It happened by accident.
He lost the race by five seconds.
The room is 10 metres by 6 metres.
We must finish by Tuesday.
We were sitting by the window.
By my calculation he must be 73. He died circa 1270.
Your teacher talked to me concerning your homework. I have some questions concerning your decision. Considering the poor quality, I think the price is too high.
I must be going, considering the time.
There were four people, or five counting the baby. That makes $70, not counting the tax. I have a study-cum-bedroom. She is a kind of secretary-cum-receptionist.
He passed the test despite being ill. We went swimming despite the cold water.
• The post office is down the road.They ran down the hill.
They have had many wars down the years. I want to go swimming during the weekend.
He fell asleep during the meeting. I was bored during the whole film. You can have any colour except blue. They all came except Stephen.
I can eat anything excepting pork.
Excepting Jo, everyone was present. It costs $70, excluding $10 for delivery. (Total = $80.) We open every day excluding Christmas Day.
We had coffee following lunch.
He couldn’t work following his illness.This is for you.
You use a corkscrew for opening bottles. Cigarettes are bad for you.
I’m saving for a new car.
Is this the road for Rome?
They passed me over for John.
Is this the train for Cambridge?
I bought it for $10.
We worked for three hours.
Keep walking for two kilometres.
Where do you come from?
This letter is from my wife.
I bought this car from Henry.
They prevented me from entering.
My car is different from yours.
We worked from Monday to Wednesday.
Paper is made from wood.
It can cost anything from $5 to $15.
The police took my driving licence from me. He died from overwork. He is in very good health, given his age.  
Given the time, you ought to leave now. It’s certainly gone 11 o’clock. It must be 11.30.