So Long They Fail to Realize the Full Inwardness of the Situation

Haue in mynde .. the setuacyon of thy cyte newely fowunded,
The situation of the cytie of Saba in Ethiopia vnder Egipt,
A situation in a playne champion countrey,
A pleasant situation amongst fruitfull fields and greene grounds.
A situation far more beautiful than that of Jerusalem.
The chiefe cytie .. in situacion much lyke vnto the cytie of Milayne

Or Edinburgh, the finest town for situation in Europe.
Beautiful for situation .. is Mount Sion,
A place as eminent in scituation as she in sweetnesse of disposition.
A fire burning in an open situation.
The Spaniards have filled vp the place of the scituation with earth.
Such a situation as might be agreeable .. to the architect.

Pilasters of Stone, and Arches, take up a great part of the situation there.
He views the dismal situation waste and wilde, a dungeon horrible.
Passing these dreadful rocks, Dresden seemd a wonderfully agreeable situation.
The situation of a garden should be .. rather low than high.
The high situation upon that side or declivity of an hill,
The prison an ancient palace, situation pleasant, buildings stately.

The scituation of this house hath but a while employed his eyes without,
The same must be attributed to the scituation of the land,
Our Native Riches and apt Scituation for Commerce.
Two chairs were placed by the side of this comfortable situation,
He fell to the ground with fear and waited in this prostrate situation for a noise.
This is the waye and the sytuacion of famous doctrine:

In a situation of utmost difficulty and peril
The financial situation is perceptibly clearer.
This scene goes entirely for what we call situation and stage effect.
There’s situation for you! there’s a heroic group!
Situation Normal All Fucked Up, not All Fouled Up.
Wildly melodramatic, and full of Situation from end to end.

This ruinous and ignominious situation ..
calls upon us to remonstrate in the strongest .. language.

Whan you wil gylte the parchemente, you shal geve it a grounde or sytuatyon
wyth the white of an Egge or Gomme

This situation is a situation of difficulty,
and nothing but great resolve can carry us through it.

Examine the situation of my son, and prescribe what you shall
judge proper for his cure, the difficulties of his situation increase.

That which we esteem a Happiness in one Situation of Mind
is otherwise thought of in another.

How true is it that men in parallel situations
necessarily move on similar principles?